Hallocall – The Best App to Make International Calls

Hallocall – The Best App to Make International Calls

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If you have your friends, family, and loved ones overseas, no worries, we have you covered for your calls. Install Hallocall – an app to make international calls that takes care of your calling time on the phone.

In case you are traveling abroad and are worried about how to stay connected with your family back home, bank on the Hallocall app to take care of your calls.

International calling can be an expensive affair making a dent in your monthly budgets. Restricting calls to lesser minutes lest you incur a huge bill doesn’t allow for a complete conversation. Let us then look at how to get the best international calling app to facilitate your connection to your loved ones.

What you need for this app to make international calls:

To begin with, you need a smart phone. You can download and install the Hallocall app from the app or play store. Search for your friends and family using this app and get started with the calls. Of course, stable internet connectivity is mandatory for these calls.

Free international audio calls:

Now that you have the app installed, you can start calling your people anywhere in the world on the Hallocall, international calling app. Enjoy the clear, uninterrupted calls with this app for free when you are calling from the Hallocall app to the Hallocall app. Get rid of the high range of bills and tune to free app to app international calling with this app.

Free international video calls:

Just when you are missing seeing your family, friends, and loved ones, it is Hallocall that lets you see them while enjoying a conversation. The app to make international calls – Hallocall allows you to make international video calls from app to app free. With this app on your phone, you stay assured of getting the best audio and viewing experience with your loved ones.

How to make international calls

Now let us understand how to actually make these international calls. You and the person you are calling need to download, install, and sign up on the Hallocall app. Once you sign up on this app, you can search for your contacts on this app and start calling them. You can avail of audio calling that is clear and free of disturbances. Or you can use the video calling feature for an HD call.

Hallocall app to app audio and video calls work best even when your Internet is 2G or 3G. With a secure encryption protocol in place, Hallocall is a safe app specially designed for you. With an easy-to-use user interface and attractive features, this app is a futuristic solution for all your international calling needs.

During the unprecedented times of Covid-19, meeting your loved ones in-person is not a viable option. The bans imposed on international traveling have made this even worse. However, Hallocall is that unique medium that has bridged these gaps for you.