In case you missed it: Here are the key Hallocall features

In case you missed it: Here are the key Hallocall features

Hallocall is a communication messenger app that facilitates end-to-end encrypted audio calling, video calling, file sharing, chat, and SMS.  This app can be installed on your mobile phone, and used from the website to facilitate national and international calling and chatting. Hallocall is a revolutionary app that can be downloaded, and connected on your smartphone in a few minutes to enjoy international calls along with other features.

App to phone calling is a new element in the current communications era, enabling a clear, cheaper, and convenient way of calling your friends, and family. Hallocall app from your mobile and is the next level Internet-based calling that enables you to make an audio call, video call, and chat.

Let us look at the features of the Hallocall app:

Free audio calls: Stay connected to your friends, family, and loved ones on the Hallocall app. Now you can make free, and minimally charged calls from this app to your contacts that have the Hallocall app installed on their phones. Hallocall enables you to connect with your loved ones across the seas. This app allows for a pristine, uninterrupted voice calling. If you have the Internet advantage, you can call from this app to any phone for a perfect conversation at a minimal cost.

Free video Calls: Experience HD video calls from this app to people on your Hallocall contact list. Distance is no longer a constraint to your relationship with your loved ones. The video calling feature on Hallocall closes this bridge by enabling the best viewing and audio experience. Experience the Crystal HD video that is easily supported by 2G/3G/4G or 5G networks.

SMS: Now sending instant messages is fun! Hallocall app facilitates messaging right from your app to any phone. You can receive SMS from people not sending via Hallocall also on your app.

Free chat: One of the coolest features of the Hallocall app is the ability to chat with your Hallocall buddies. You can chat with your friends, relatives, and loved ones that are already on the Hallocall app. If you are offline you can see the messages after you reconnect online.

Group Chat: Now you don’t have to miss friends while chatting with one of them on Hallocall. Group chat functionality from Hallocall enables you to create your groups and chat right from your phone. You no longer miss any communication from your friends.

Contacts: All your Hallocall contacts are displayed in the app. The app picks up the contacts from the phone contacts list when your friends are already using the Hallocall app. On the Contacts screen, you can see the display of both phone contacts and Hallocall contacts.

File-Sharing: Share your joyous moments with your friends in a secure environment via Hallocall file sharing. You can select pictures from the phone gallery and share them with your friends. You can also share documents, contacts, and audio files on this app.

Call Logs: You can view the entire call log including outgoing, incoming, missed calls from the Hallocall app. You can see the paid calls log with the currency and used amount.

Mobile top-up: Sign in to your Hallocall app and top-up your phone directly from the app. Mobile top-up feature in Hallocall enables its users to top-up any other mobile across the globe instantly as it covers 600 mobile operators in 160 countries. You can use this feature to send top-up to your loved ones’ at any time. Ensure your friends, family, and loved ones are stay connected always using Hallocall mobile top-up feature.

Virtual Number: Virtual number facility is the key to maintaining your privacy, and flexibility. In Hallocall we take our clients’ business seriously and offer virtual numbers, so they manage their business from anywhere. The client chooses the number to which the calls are forwarded whether fixed, mobile, or VoIP.

Safety and Security: We follow the secure encryption protocol to protect our clients’ safety for secure messaging, calling, and chatting.

In the world of ever-changing communication times, Hallocall is a unique and viable option for the best audio and video calling. All the above and more, for a very small price!