Studying Abroad? Call Overseas with Hallocall Easily

Studying Abroad? Call Overseas with Hallocall Easily

Studying overseas has always been a dream come true for students and their families. It is a great achievement to procure a degree from a renowned university abroad. However, for students and their families staying connected over phones proves to be a big financial burden.

Hallocall is a novel messenger app designed to bridge the communication gaps people are currently facing due to the international calling bills. You can make voice, and video calls to your friends and familie members (free app to app calls).

How does the Hallocall app work?

This free-to-use app is available in the Play Store and App Store and can be installed on your mobile by downloading. Once you set up the app, bingo, you are ready to make free audio and video calls. Our audio and video calls work on whatever your Internet speed is whether it is 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G.

Free HD video calls from the Hallocall (app to app) are your gateway to get an in-person experience talking to your friends or loved ones. Being responsible for your security, we have designed this app with a secure encryption protocol. It is now your opportunity to install this app and enjoy unique features.

International audio calls: Stay connected with your friends studying in foreign universities Hallocall app. Make free app to app audio calls. You can locate your phone contacts with this app installed and directly call them.  With your mobile in hand and the Internet with minimum bandwidth, you can enjoy the conversations from anywhere.

International video Calls: Experience HD video calls from this app to people on your Hallocall contact list. Distance is no longer a constraint to your relationship with your loved ones. The international video calling feature on Hallocall closes this bridge by enabling the best viewing and audio experience. Experience the Crystal HD video that is easily supported by 2G/3G/4G or 5G networks.

With an attractive interface and easy-to-use features, this international calling app (audio & video calls) is as easy as it can be to use.

Let us look at the benefits of this app:

  • Call from anywhere: Since this app is on your phone, and facilitated by the Internet, you can speak to your loved ones anywhere and at any time
  • Clear audio and video: Hallocall audio and video functionalities are encrypted, safe to use, and have the best reception with minimum bandwidth
  • Free audio and video calls: Calling overseas from your Hallocall app to your loved ones’ Hallocall app is free
  • Cross-platform calling: When you have the Hallocall app on your phone, whether Android or iOS, you can call and receive to and fro your Hallocall app
  • Easy to use: The Hallocall app can be installed in a few minutes on your phone ready to use

With the primary purpose of bridging communication barriers people face, the Hallocall is designed to reach communities all over the world. It is your time now to download and install this app and enjoy crystal clear calls.